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18 Aug 17

Tips for Increasing Website Inquiries

How many potential families are leaving your website without filling out an inquiry form? If your answer is “way too many”, here are a few ways you could improve your conversion rates:

1. Make sure your form is low commitment.
The most important thing to remember is to keep it simple, you do not need every detail about the family for them to inquire further about your school. Ask yourself if you absolutely need the information before requesting it. Eliminating unnecessary fields can significantly increase the conversion rate for your form. Research shows that eliminating just one field (from 4 to 3) can increase conversion by 50%!  Ask yourself, what information do we really need?

2. Keep it visible.
Make sure a link to your inquiry form is easy to find. It should be clearly seen on the home page when visiting your website. Also, include the link on content pages when appropriate, and on all online marketing materials.

3. Don’t require a phone number.
People hate giving out their phone number. If they wanted to talk to you on the phone, they would have called. But they aren’t calling; they are looking on your website in their free time and trying to get the information they need. Let them have the option and flexibility to respond to you via e-mail at any time of day, instead of having to find time during their work day to get away and speak with you on the phone. Research shows that 1/3 of people will abandon an online form if it requires a phone number. The data doesn’t lie!

4. Think about alternatives.
If you don’t think you can move away from your current inquiry form, for example: it’s a standard form associated with your student management system, then consider some alternatives.  A “Campus Tour” form can be a great way to get people in the door. You need very little information from someone to set up a tour, and it’s an important step in choosing a school. Make it easy for them for to choose you! Another alternative is a “Ask a Question” form, you can include this link in your header or footer so it appears on every page. Only fields necessary are name, e-mail, and question. There are times when someone may need a quick question answered before they are ready to commit to a tour.

5. Be mobile friendly.
Make sure your website is responsive, so your forms can be easily viewed and completed on any device. You don’t want to require someone to remember to come back and complete your form later when they are on a desktop. Remember that most online searches now take place on a mobile device.

Keep your admissions team busy this year by taking the time to optimize your forms! If you are currently a Campus Web Solutions school and would like to add any new form, please reach out. If you are interested in becoming a Campus Web Solutions school, or would just like us to review your website and share a few tips, please fill out our grade my website form.





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